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6.200,- 12.400,-
  • Temperature (°C) +30/+60
  • Dimensions LxPxH (mm) 820x393x310
  • Refrigeration -
  • Capacity (L) -
  • Shelves -
  • Standard basins -
  • Basins maximum capacity (accessories) n° 4 - GN 1/3 - h. 40
  • Absorption (W) 600
  • Umidity (%) -
  • Type of defrost -
  • Evaporation -
  • Voltage (V) 230v/1/50Hz
  • Refrigerant .
  • Net weigth (Kg) 14
  • Lock -
  • Light Led
  • Standard colors

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Tecfrigo started the business in 1980 and in a few years became leader in the market of the cold, hot and neutral equipments, to preserve and display food and drinks thanks to a constant evolution of its products and design.

Strongly rooted in the territory as a handicraft Company, Tecfrigo is soon became an industrial reality, using the most advanced production technologies and expanding its products range, from vertical and horizontal displays to special equipments for large spaces


In 1993 Cold Master brand was created and in 2001 Frostemily, both in order to expand the offer and to satisfy the various market trends.Cold Master has been immediately affirmed as a specialist in the gross-market sector.

Frostemily is recognized as the ideal partner able to meet the most varied needs of an increasingly competitive international market.

Today, thanks to the wide selection of products, the Company is able to meet the demands of the operators from different business categories: from the handicraft shop to the large scale retail trade.


How we do it

The Company operates in two buildings covering a total production area of over 15.000 sqm, where all product lines are manufactured.A special attention is dedicated to the components quality and to the selection of raw materials. Moreover, the production process is based on the “Lean” method, synonymous of maximum efficiency as required by the Company policy.

In line with the adopted method, the whole production process, until the final test, are subject to careful quality controls.

The Company is certified ISO 9001, ensuring the continuity and control of all processes.



Our first purpose is the customer satisfaction, providing high quality products, as well as services and tailored solutions to every market.

Technological innovation, continuous research and development and great attention to the environment remain Tecfrigo important goals