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Asadaor Kyllinggriller

2-3 uker leveringstid


Asador kyllinggrill fra Zanolli. Enkel betjening med roterende spyd.
Maskinene kan også leveres med varmeskap under.

Modell Dim Ext. Spyd Kyllinger Vekt Effekt
Asador 5F EL 119x48x46 1 5/6 48 kg 4,58 kW
Asador 10F EL 119x48x64 2 10/12 63 kg 6,6 kW
Asador 15F EL 119x48x82 3 15/18 80 kg 9,9 kW
Asador 20F EL 119x48x100 4 20/24 95 kg 13,2 kW
Asador 30F EL 119x48x186 6 30/35 160 kg 19,8 kW
Asador 40F EL 119x48x192 8 40/48 183 kg 26,4 kW














For more than 65 years, we have been designing and manufacturing ovens and machines for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries. Zanolli products bring together the traditional Italian love of high standards of workmanship and the most advanced technology, a Made in Italy guarantee for Italian and world markets. Today, Zanolli is among the most established enterprises in the field. The company exports to Europe over a capillary network of dealers and distributors without losing sight of its origins rooted in the Italian market. The certification of the entire manufacturing process and the highest quality of the resulting products contribute to total customer satisfaction actively maintained in numerous courses organized by the company specifically for pizza and pastry chefs.